Bruce Lock Flooring


Needing no glue, nails, staples, or tapping block, Bruce Lock&Fold® Flooring is an easy-to-install product made out of 100-percent engineered hardwood. Bruce Lock&Fold® Flooring has a 25-year warranty and is used for prefinished domestic species, including hickory, oak, and maple. All planks are coated with Dura-Luster® Plus Urethane Finish with aluminum oxide, which repels spills, spots, and stains.

Bruce Lock&Fold® Flooring literally involves locking and folding two boards together. No glue or tapping is needed to attach Bruce lock and fold hardwood flooring. Instead, their patent-pending NextGen™ Engineered Technology offers twice the strength of traditional locking floors and creates a sturdy do-it-yourself product for homeowners to efficiently add durable hardwood.

99 percent of floating floors are made out of engineered hardwood, and Bruce Lock&Fold® Flooring is no exception. Engineered hardwood, in general, consists of three to nine pieces of natural wood bonded together, and the grain of each layer faces a different direction. This feature allows engineered hardwood to expand and contract less than solid flooring. Lock and fold technology creates a hardwood floor that functions as a unit, and if wood expands or contracts too much, the planks buckle or bend.

Because engineered hardwood can handle humidity and heat, Bruce Lock&Fold® Flooring can be placed anywhere in your home: above, on, or below grade. Lock and fold products, in general, can be placed on any type of surface. Not secured to a subfloor, Bruce Lock&Fold® Flooring sits on underlayment, which can be installed over ceramic tiles, particleboard, gypcrete, and any other material, like asbestos, that cannot or should not be moved.